Reflections on Our Fourth Year

Well, that's it for another year! In July 2016 'Dorchester Try This' offered 36 sessions including three extra ones for particularly popular activities: Foraging, Tai Chi and Yoga. Numbers were up by some 20% on 2015 with over 500 places booked. A third of the sessions were fully booked; our sadness is that many last minute cancellations and no-shows meant that places were wasted. Do have a look at the Newsletter for details of continuing activities.

We are now analysing feedback from both session leaders and attendees as we strive to learn, improve and adapt to what people tell us. One particular misapprehension we would like to address: 'Try This... Dorchester' is not, and never has been, organised by either the County Council or West Dorset District Council. It relies on the enthusiasm, expertise and energy of a small group of volunteers - and this neatly leads on to an appeal for help in organising 2017's Try This Event:

How Can I Help?

There are many ways to become involved with 'Try This... Dorchester'.

Session ideas/session leaders - we are always on the lookout for new ideas as we want the programme to be full of new things to try. So have a look at this year's programme and see what's missing or tell us about something you have always wanted to try. You may even want to lead a session yourself.

Committee members - given that we are a small team, additional members would be welcome to share the workload, particularly in the four months leading up to the Event.

Helpers during the Event are always welcome.

As we do not charge an entrance fee to any of the sessions, we are reliant on grant funding to pay for all the expenses incurred in running such a large event (insurance, venue hire and publicity). Given that the Festival is such a feel good event and a positive reflection on life in Dorchester, we believe it would represent a good sponsorship opportunity for a local company.

If you think you can help in any way please get in touch by clicking on the 'Contact Us' option above and filling in the form.